Scoill Phurt le Moirrey

* Be Curious * Be Brave * Be Kind *

Hi Everyone

I am very happy to have my own page now and be able to keep you updated with what is going on in my life.

I am loving being back at school - I hope you are too?

I went for my staycation to Glendown Farm in the summer - it was great!

Did you have a Staycation?


Well - did you guess? I was in China!

I am back from my holidays and really had a great time! Here is the last photo taken. Hope you like it. Do you know which country I am in?


Did you guess where I was last week? I bet you did! I was in Italy and visited the Tower of Pisa, The Colosseum in Rome, with my friend the gladiator and enjoyed a ride in a gondola by the Rialto Bridge in Venice! I had a great time!

你好 Nǐ hǎo! I have now travelled from Italy far across the world on a long plane journey. Do you know which country I am in and exactly where I am?


Ciao again! I've spent quite a bit of time in this country - I love it. My last stop is a watery one - can you spot me? Do you know where I am? It's one of Mrs Callaghan's favourite places!

I'm heading off again later this week. I will be on a long plane journey - can you guess where I am going?


Ciao tutti! I am still in the same country but have moved cities - where am I now? I hope you can spot my friend waving to me from a window - I wonder what he is dressed as - do you know?


Did you guess where I was last week? I bet you did! I was in France and visited the Eiffel Tower and joined in with the Tour de France cycle race! I had a great time!

Ciao! I have now travelled from France to another European county. Do you know which country and exactly where I am?


Bonjour again! I am still in the same country and decided to go for a ride on my bike today. It was wonderful that there was a special race on, a race that is famous in this country and around the world. I joined in and was at the front for a while! Do you know what the race is called? I bet you do!


Bonjour! I have not travelled very far from home yet, in fact I travelled on a train that went under the sea. Do you know which country I am in and exactly where I am? I bet you do! Au revoir for now - I'm going to find some croissants to eat!


I've packed my bags and I'm ready to go on my world tour! I will send you a photo when I get to my first destination - I wonder where it will be? Where do you think I would like to go? Where would you like to go? Send me a photo of when you have been on holiday and I'll put it on my page too.


Walkies with Rosco on Friday 8th May

Well, I was outside Port St Mary Co-Op yesterday - did you get it? I bet you did!

Today I am in the right place to remember - it is the celebration of 75 years since VE Day - enjoy your celebrations!


Walkies with Rosco on Thursday 7th May

I was sitting on the windowsill next to Mrs Callaghan's desk yesterday! I worked very hard - could you tell? I went for my walk up Bradda Head in the morning. You can see Milner's Tower in the background - did you know? I bet you did!

Where did I go this morning? Lots of clues in the photo!


Walkies with Rosco on Wednesday 6th May

I was waiting by the front of school on Thursday - did you know? I bet you did! And what was I waiting for? A walk of course!

This week you will see my last walks around the Isle of Man. I am planning my Virtual World Tour, which will start on Monday! I am very excited to be heading off to different places - I wonder if you will be able to work out where I am!

I am working at home with Mrs Callaghan this week. This is where I do my work best!


Where did I go for my walk this morning? It was very sunny!


Hide 'n' Seek with Rosco on Thursday 30th April

Did you guess I was outside Snaefell Classroom yesterday? I bet you did!

Where am I today and what am I waiting for? I wonder .....


Hide 'n' Seek with Rosco on Wednesday 29th April

So... I'm in school again this week. Where was I today?

Did you guess that I was at Port St Mary Railway Station, the Four Roads Roundabout and outside school last week? I bet you did!


I'll start with my walkies last week - I do love a walk around and about!

Walkies with Rosco

Here's a few pictures to show where I went last week. Did you guess where I was earlier in the week? I bet you did! I was at the Bradda Glen Cafe!