Scoill Phurt le Moirrey

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Hi Everyone

Just to let you know that I have now moved to Microsoft Teams and have my own channel 'Rosco and Friends' there. I love seeing the photos of your pets and what you have all been up to! Email school if you are not on the chat and we will get you sorted! See you soon!

I am loving being back at school - I hope you are too?

I went for my staycation to Glendown Farm in the summer - it was great!

Did you have a Staycation?


Well - did you guess? I was in China!

I am back from my holidays and really had a great time! Here is the last photo taken. Hope you like it. Do you know which country I am in?


Did you guess where I was last week? I bet you did! I was in Italy and visited the Tower of Pisa, The Colosseum in Rome, with my friend the gladiator and enjoyed a ride in a gondola by the Rialto Bridge in Venice! I had a great time!

你好 Nǐ hǎo! I have now travelled from Italy far across the world on a long plane journey. Do you know which country I am in and exactly where I am?


Ciao again! I've spent quite a bit of time in this country - I love it. My last stop is a watery one - can you spot me? Do you know where I am? It's one of Mrs Callaghan's favourite places!

I'm heading off again later this week. I will be on a long plane journey - can you guess where I am going?


Ciao tutti! I am still in the same country but have moved cities - where am I now? I hope you can spot my friend waving to me from a window - I wonder what he is dressed as - do you know?


Did you guess where I was last week? I bet you did! I was in France and visited the Eiffel Tower and joined in with the Tour de France cycle race! I had a great time!

Ciao! I have now travelled from France to another European county. Do you know which country and exactly where I am?


Bonjour again! I am still in the same country and decided to go for a ride on my bike today. It was wonderful that there was a special race on, a race that is famous in this country and around the world. I joined in and was at the front for a while! Do you know what the race is called? I bet you do!


Bonjour! I have not travelled very far from home yet, in fact I travelled on a train that went under the sea. Do you know which country I am in and exactly where I am? I bet you do! Au revoir for now - I'm going to find some croissants to eat!


I've packed my bags and I'm ready to go on my world tour! I will send you a photo when I get to my first destination - I wonder where it will be? Where do you think I would like to go? Where would you like to go? Send me a photo of when you have been on holiday and I'll put it on my page too.


Walkies with Rosco on Friday 8th May

Well, I was outside Port St Mary Co-Op yesterday - did you get it? I bet you did!

Today I am in the right place to remember - it is the celebration of 75 years since VE Day - enjoy your celebrations!


Walkies with Rosco on Thursday 7th May

I was sitting on the windowsill next to Mrs Callaghan's desk yesterday! I worked very hard - could you tell? I went for my walk up Bradda Head in the morning. You can see Milner's Tower in the background - did you know? I bet you did!

Where did I go this morning? Lots of clues in the photo!


Walkies with Rosco on Wednesday 6th May

I was waiting by the front of school on Thursday - did you know? I bet you did! And what was I waiting for? A walk of course!

This week you will see my last walks around the Isle of Man. I am planning my Virtual World Tour, which will start on Monday! I am very excited to be heading off to different places - I wonder if you will be able to work out where I am!

I am working at home with Mrs Callaghan this week. This is where I do my work best!


Where did I go for my walk this morning? It was very sunny!


Hide 'n' Seek with Rosco on Thursday 30th April

Did you guess I was outside Snaefell Classroom yesterday? I bet you did!

Where am I today and what am I waiting for? I wonder .....


Hide 'n' Seek with Rosco on Wednesday 29th April

So... I'm in school again this week. Where was I today?

Did you guess that I was at Port St Mary Railway Station, the Four Roads Roundabout and outside school last week? I bet you did!


I'll start with my walkies last week - I do love a walk around and about!

Walkies with Rosco

Here's a few pictures to show where I went last week. Did you guess where I was earlier in the week? I bet you did! I was at the Bradda Glen Cafe!