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how_to_make_nettle_string.pdfHello and welcome to the SPLM Forest school page!

It's tough not being able to visit the beautiful parts of our Island when we wish but we can use our own spaces to keep learning about the nature around us.

This page will hopefully offer you inspiration on how to use your garden as a fantastic resource for learning, adventure, creativity and fun. If you do not have a garden don’t worry, these activities can also be done during your daily exercise.

We hope you enjoy them.

Forest school at home 1.

Forest school at home 2.

Forest school at home 3.

Forest school at home 4.

Forest school at home 5.

Forest school at home 6.

Forest school at home 7.

Forest school at home 8.

The team at Ardwhallan have created some fantastic booklets to help you become a Wilderness Ranger! The booklets contain a variety of activities that you can complete either in your garden at home or in one of the island’s glens. There are a few activities that require adult supervision so make sure you read each activity carefully before you begin. If you decide to take your learning to a public glen, please make sure you are following the government guidelines on social distancing and remember the Wilderness Ranger motto:“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints!”





Lockdown_Wilderness_Ranger_Session_3_Wildlife.pdf The following link is a clearer version of the bird identification sheet shown on page 7


Lockdown_Wilderness_Ranger_Session_4_Wildflowers_Plants.pdf A clear version of the picture shown on page 6: how_to_make_nettle_string.pdf



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