Scoill Phurt le Moirrey

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Times Table Rockstars (Times table learning with a reward system)

Your child should have an account login already. If they are unsure what it is email your class teacher and they will be able to supply it. Teachers will be setting the challenge progression for your child so that they will continue to be challenged over the coming weeks as they play and try to become a Rock Legend!

White Rose Maths (Simple maths teaching and learning)

A teaching resource us teachers can vouch for here at SPLM. A short video explaining what to do and an activity sheet for children to have a go themselves. Available for all school year groups. Recommended!

Mangahigh (can support all maths learning)

Online maths games that can support the curriculum mathematics topic that we've provided through our Home Learning pages that are available here

NRich Maths (Mathematical investigations for all ages)

A great range of mathematical problems to solve and investigate and games to play with one another.

Topmarks (games for teaching the essential maths skills)

From doubling and halving to division facts and square numbers, this site allows children to practise them in an entertaining way.

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